Welcome to Voyager's MerchantCommander Online:
A complete suite of services that accommodates the data management needs of our merchants.

MerchantCommander provides merchants:

  • Comprehensive settlement and transaction reports
  • Merchant demographic information
  • Extensive data segmentation and reporting tools

Voyager TeleTrans is a paperless transaction processing system that provides merchants with an efficient, cost-effective method of accepting the Voyager Fleet card. Voyager TeleTrans is specifically designed for maintenance/service merchants. The intent is to provide merchants with an avenue for accepting the card without having to purchase new equipment. This system will enable merchants to begin accepting the Voyager Fleet card immediately. Once Voyager sales grow, you may choose to contact one of Voyager's approved third-party processors to be able to accept the card electronically.

Benefits of TeleTrans for Merchant/Service providers:

  • Opportunity to increase sales to Voyager's 1.6 million cardholders
  • Guaranteed payment within 15 days or less
  • Easy reconciliation by PO number or Invoice number
  • No equipment to buy
  • 24 hour customer service 866-842-5608

Sign up today by completing the following two items and submitting them to newmerchantapplications@usbank.com

Both forms, the Know Your Customer Information Collection Form (KYC/ICF) and U.S. Bank Merchant Application are required to accept payments for all Voyager Network Transactions and Voyager Maintenance Solutions.

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